Waikiki Leaks - Swing Luau

Harry B. & Kilohana traveled once again to Paris, France to work with her hula students.
We also flew to Rome, Italy to work with her students there.
For their celebration event, they hired a Roman band that played Hawaiian music.
Much to our surprise, the WAIKIKI LEAKS were a highly trained group of professional musicians who fell in love with Hawaiian and Hapa Haole music.
Turns out that they listen to
When they hear a song they like, they repeat it over and over, transcribing both the music and the lyrics to their tablets.
They are highly influenced by Pua Almeida & Benny Saks, so they inject a lot of swing & jazz into their arrangements.
The WAIKIKI LEAKS are Flavio Pasquetto, Francesca Faro, Flippo Delogu, Light Palone, & Alfredo Romeo.
The result is delightful, and we wanted to share their new CD release with you, “Swing Luau”.
From 2018 but sounding much older, we’ll share this memorable music.

This week's playlist:

1- My Hapa Haole Hula Girl – Waikiki Leaks
2- Tropical Swing – Waikiki Leaks
3- Keep Your Eyes On The Hands – Waikiki Leaks
4- Waikiki On A Rainy Night – Waikiki Leaks
5- Little Brown Gal – Waikiki Leaks
6- Maui Girl – Waikiki Leaks
7- Sleepwalk – Waikiki Leaks
8- It Don’t Mean A Thing If It A’int Got That Swing – Waikiki Leaks
9- Some More Of Samoa – Waikiki Leaks
10- Memories of Ka’anapali – Waikiki Leaks
11- Waikiki – Waikiki Leaks

Length: 57:13
Released on: 03-15-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Waikiki Leaks

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