Harry Owens - Last Record - 1965

The record, “Harry Owens & the Royal Hawaiians Play His Own Great Songs of Hawaii”, was released in 1965.
Although you can hear numerous recording made on 78rpm discs on numerous previous shows in the Territorial Airwaves archives, today we’ll focus on Harry Owens’ final record.
This stereo LP was recorded in Hollywood on Hamilton Records, a subsidiary of Dot Records.
The arrangements reflect a Sixties influence, featuring vocal choir stylings and lush charts.
But Ernie & Freddie Tavares are both featured on steel guitar and ukulele, and Mannie Klein on the trumpet.
So we’ll dive into our records archives to hear this classic recording.
Today, 50 plus years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Princess Pupule – Harry Owens & the Royal Hawaiians
2- Hawaiian Hospitality – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians
3- Sweet Leilani – Harry Owens & the Royal Hawaiians
4- Cocoanut Grove – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians
5- Hawaiian Paradise – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians
6- Dancing Under The Stars – Harry Owens & R. Hawn’s
7- A Syncopated Hula Love Song – Harry Owens & RH’s
8- To You Sweetheart, Aloha – Harry Owens & RHs
9- Hawaii My Island – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians
10- My Isle of Love – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians
11- Aloha Oe – Harry Owens & the Royal Hawaiians

Length: 52:34
Released on: 06-02-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiians

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