Pauline Kekahuna & her Hau'oli Girls

Pauline Kekahuna was born as Esther Pauline Ka’ilihao Kaleikini on December 29, 1919.
When she married James Kimo Kekahuna, she became Pauline Kekahuna.
Pauline founded the “Hau’oli Hula Studio” and the “Hau’oli Girls” music combo.
She also played guitar with a bevy of the era’s brightest stars of Hawaiian music and dance.
Today, we’ll listen to favorite recordings from a brand new CD from Cord International featuring restored acetate recordings from the 1950s of Pauline Kekahuna & her Hau’oli Girls.

This week's playlist:

1- Ida’s Hula – Pauline Kekahuna & Hau’oli Girls
2- Na Ka Pueo – Pauline Kekahuna & HGs
3- Kaulana Na Pua – Vickie I’i Rodrigues & HGs
4- Po La’i La’i – Nina Keli’iwahamana & HGs
5- KHBC – Vickie I’i Rodrigues & HGs
6- Kawohikukapulani – Vickie, Nina, & Lani w/ HGs
7- Kani ‘U’ina La – Pauline Kekahuna & HGs
8- Nani Wale Ke’anae – Alice Johnson & HGs
9- Mi Nei – Pauline Kekahuna & Hau’oli Girls
10- Pili Aloha – Pauline Kekahuna & Hau’oli Girls
11- Ko Mai Ho ‘Eu ‘Eu – Pauline Kekahuna & HGs

Length: 55:17
Released on: 05-15-2015
Artist/Compiled by: Various Hau'oli Girls

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