Emperor & Rick Hanapi

Emperor Alapai Hanapi was born on August 26, 1907, and we lost him at the age of 87 on July 27, 1995.
Although several of his siblings pursued careers in Hawaiian music, Emperor became a civil servant for the City and County of Honolulu.
His son, Rick Kawaihoa Hanapi, born in 1948, became the next generation Hanapi to perform Hawaiian music.
After the December 1980 passing of Emperor’s wife, Dolly, Rick invited his father into a recording studio to make a memorable recording together.
Today, we’ll listen to that rare out-of-print recording from the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Na Molokama/Kaililauokekoa – Emperor Hanapi
2- Pagan Love Song – Emperor Hanapi
3- O Akua – Rick Hanapi
4- Waikiki Is Good Enough For Me – Emperor Hanapi
5- Kuliau – Rick Hanapi
6- Wai ‘O Minnehaha – Rick Hanapi
7- Waikapu – Rick Hanapi
8- Ko Ma’i Ho ‘Eu ‘Eu – Emperor Hanapi
9- Lei Ilima – Rick Hanapi
10- Ua Like No A Like – Rick & Emperor Hanapi

Length: 55:26
Released on: 11-07-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Emperor & Rick Hanapi

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