Hawaiian Recordings History - Victor

Eldridge R. Johnson founded the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1901, in Camden, New Jersey.
Victor had the U.S. rights to use the famous trademark of the Fox Terrier, “Nipper”, listening to a phonograph playing.
The logo called, “His Master’s Voice” helped propel Victor’s success over the next few decades.
On “Victor Day”, November 2, 1925, Victor introduced the orthophonic recording process with improved fidelity to be played on their new Victrola players.
Victor soon released a large quantity of Hawaiian records in the 1920s and 1930s.
Today, we’ll share some of those rarest recordings made in 1927 through 1938 with, “Hawaiian Recordings History - Victor”.

This week's playlist:

1- Ho’oheno Keia No Beauty – Sol K Bright & Holly-waiians
2- Meleana E – Irene West’s Royal Hawaiians
3- Lepeulaula – Sam Ku West’s Harmony Boys
4- Pehea Hoi A’u – Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club
5- Kaleponi – Bina Mossman’s Glee Club
6- Malihini Mele – Charles Amalu & Troupe
7- Palolo – Kane’s Hawaiians
8- Goodbye Honolulu – Ke’eaumoku A. Louis
9- In A Church In An Old Hawaiian Town – Al Kealoha Perry
10- A Million Moons Over Hawaii – Ray Kinney

Length: 50:48
Released on: 11-16-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Victor Records

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