Territorial Airwaves - "Moloka'i Trio, live at Hotel Moloka'i" (05/04/2012)

The Moloka'i Trio performed regularly at the Hotel Moloka'i in the 1960s.
The Moloka'i Trio consisted of Abraham Dudoit, a fisherman & county worker, his wife Ann Enos Dudoit, and Lisa Enos Paleka, her sister.
Join us now for the "Moloka'i Trio, live at Hotel Moloka'i" as we share their memorable 1966 recording 45 years later.

This week's playlist:

1- Honomuni - Moloka'i Trio
2- Moloka'i Nui Ahina - Moloka'i Trio
3- Kalamaula - Moloka'i Trio
4- Aina O Moloka'i - Moloka'i Trio
5- Ka Mana'o No Ia - Moloka'i Trio
6- Moloka'i Waltz - Moloka'i Trio
7- Lei Halawa - Moloka'i Trio
8- Bayview Home - Moloka'i Trio
9- He Nani Moloka'i - Moloka'i Tri
10- Sunset At Kalaupapa - Moloka'i Trio
11- I Love You Moloka'i - Moloka'i Trio

Released on: 05-04-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Moloka'i Trio

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