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Sol Ho'opi'i

Item code: HOCD A682817

Sol Ho'opi'i - The King of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar. This 20 selection compact disc of restored vintage Hawaiian music is a tribute to the Hawaiian music icon who introduced the Hawaiian steel guitar to the world. His adventurous jazz and blues influenced solos redefined the instrument. His innovative tunings and technical brilliance broadened its dynamic range. Sol Ho'opi'i's exuberance for emerging technologies, initially resonator tri-cones, followed by electrical magnetic pickups, elevated the stature of the Hawaiian steel guitar.

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1  Sol Ho'opi'i (Listen To A Sampler Of Selections From this CD)
2  Palolo
3  Tomi Tomi
4  Hualalai
5  Royal Hawaiian Hotel
6  E Mama E
7  Hanohano Hawaii
8  Ka Mele O Ku'u Pu'uwai
9  Uheuhene
10  Hula Blues (1927)
11  Hula Blues (1934)
12  Hapa Haole Hula Girl
13  I Like You
14  Hilo Hattie
15  Ten Tiny Toes, One Baby Nose
16  Akaka Falls
17  Hula Breeze
18  Pidgin English Hula
19  The Lei Vendor
20  King Kamehameha
21  To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
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