Lani McIntire - B sides

The terms A-side and B-side used to refer to a two-sided phonograph record. The A-side was usually the featured song that the producer hoped would receive radio airplay and become a ‘hit’. The B-side, or flipside, was a secondary song, or a song thought less appealing to radio announcers.

For this show, we’ll continue a mini-series, focusing on songs that were thought to be B-sides when released.

This week's playlist:

1- Little Heaven of the Seven Seas - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
2- Honolulu by the Sea - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
3- Maika'i Wale No Kaua'i Leiana Ika Mokihana - Lani McIntire & his Hawaiians
4- When Hawaii Calls
5- Hilo E
6- Kalua Lullaby
7- Holoholo Ka'a Hula
8- I'll Come Sailing Home To You
9- When You Dream About Hawaii
10- Kama'aina
11- Hawaiian Paradise
12- When It's Moonlight In Kalua

Length: 53:15
Released on: 01-17-2020
Artist/Compiled by: Lani McIntire

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