Dynamic Duos

A duo consists of two musicians and/or singers that perform together.
The unit can be known as a couple, couplet, doublet, duo, pair, or twosome.
The classic traditional Hawaiian duo can consist of virtually any musical accompaniment.
Hawaiian duos can pair voices of soprano or alto, or even two falsetto voices.
Because of the incredible range of Hawaiian male singers, two men can sing duets as well as women.
We’ll trace the evolution of dynamic duos on Hawaiian recordings, featuring awesome twosomes of men & women, men & men, and women & women.

This week's playlist:

1- O Makalapua – Harry Owens & Royal Hawaiian Hotel Orch
2- Ia Ali’i No ‘Oe – Frank & Cathy Kawelo
3- Ku’u Lei Momi (Kaena) -George Kainapau & Vickie Rodrigues
4- Mahalo My Darling – Benny Kalama & Nina Keali’iwahamana
5- Ua Like No A Like – Helen Desha Beamer & Sam Kapu, Sr.
6- Lei Ilima – Mahiai & Sunbeam Beamer
7- Poli Anuanu – Rick & Sol Ho’opi’i
8- Hi’ilawe Falls – Nora Keahi Santos & Aunty Emma
9- Beautiful Kahana – Linda Dela Cruz & Bill Akamuhou
10- Dancing Under The Stars – Cy Ludington & Elaine Ako Spencer
11- Lei Of Memories – Ed Kenney & Dede Morgan
12- Lei Aloha Lei Makamae – Alfred Apaka & Haunani Kahalewai

Length: 56:28
Released on: 09-27-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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