Terrific Territorial Trios

A trio consists of three musicians and/or singers that perform together.
The unit can be known as a threesome, triad, or triplet.
The classic traditional Hawaiian trio can consist of an ukulele, guitar, and standup bass.
But a traditional Hawaiian trio also can consist of a steel guitar, a guitar, and a standup bass.
Many Hawaiian trios add three part harmony to their performance as well.
We’ll trace the evolution of trios on Hawaiian recordings, all the way from the Alexander Young Hotel in Honolulu to Hollywood, California.

This week's playlist:

1- Waikiki Is Good Enough For Me – Keeaumoku Trio
2- Palolo – Charlie Wilson Trio
3- Malolo – Sol Hoopii’s Novelty Trio
4- Sweet Someone – Bill Werner’s Trio
5- Paradise Isle – Paradise Island Trio
6- In A Canoe – Annie Kerr’s Trio
7- Out On The Beach At Waikiki – Les Paul Trio
8- Maile Lau Lii Lii – David Burrows Trio
9- Across The Sea – Earl Burtnett Biltmore Trio
10- Wai O Ke Ani Ani – Phillip Pahinui Trio
11- My Little Buckaroo – J Aku w/ Hungry Three

Length: 55:37
Released on: 09-13-2019
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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