Keola Beamer - 1972

In 1972, Music of Polynesia Records released an album produced by Jack de Mello called, “Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar In The Real Old Style”, featuring Keola Beamer.
Keola Beamer was just 21 years old when he recorded this album, showcasing his unique approach of fusing traditional slack key performances with splashes of inventive contemporary musical images.
Today, we’ll share some of our favorite recordings from “Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar In The Real Old Style” from 1972.

This week's playlist:

1- Real Old Style – Keola Beamer
2- Wi Ha – Keola Beamer
3- Pua Lililehua – Keola Beamer
4- Hawaiian Cowboy – Keola Beamer
5- The Beauty of Mauna Kea – Keola Beamer
6- Kawohikukapulani – Keola Beamer
7- Lovely Hula Hands – Keola Beamer
8- Guava Tree – Keola Beamer
9- Pupu Hinuhinu – Keola Beamer
10- Kaulana na Pua – Keola Beamer
11- Adios Kealoha – Keola Beamer

Length: 53:29
Released on: 04-27-2018
Artist/Compiled by: Keola Beamer

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