Benny Kalama - 1984

In 1984, Lehua Records released an album produced by Jerry Byrd called, “He IS Hawaiian Music”, featuring Benny Kalama.
Benny Kalama, the extraordinary falsetto singer, arranger, and musician, who had made so many other Hawaiian music stars great, was coaxed into making a solo recording.
He was backed on this recording by Hiram Olsen on rhythm guitar,
Kalani Fernandes on bass,
Randy Oness on ukulele,
and Alan Akaka on steel guitar.
Today, we’ll share some of our favorite recordings from “He IS Hawaiian Music” from 1984.

This week's playlist:

1- He Mana’o Ko’u Ia Oe – Benny Kalama
2- Eia Mai Au/ Na Moku Eha – Benny Kalama
3- My Island Love Song – Benny Kalama
4- Ahea No Ho’i La – Benny Kalama
5- Ta Ha Ua La – Benny Kalama
6- Na Pua O Hawaii – Benny Kalama
7- Hula Mai Oe – Benny Kalama
8- When I Hear Hawaiian Music – Benny Kalama
9- Sing Sweet Mama E – Benny Kalama
10- Wahine U’i – Benny Kalama
11- Lani, Ku’uipo – Benny Kalama

Length: 54:34
Released on: 03-30-2018
Artist/Compiled by: Benny Kalama

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