Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln - 1963

Bill Ali段loa Lincon痴 self-titled LP on Tradewinds Records was released in 1963, some 16 years before Territorial Airwaves launched on the radio.
On previous Territorial Airwaves shows, we致e concentrated on the body of work that Bill recorded for Bell Records on 78rpm discs.
In the 1950s, he began appearing on Waikiki Records 78rpm and 45rpm discs.
But this 1963 Tradewinds disc was actually his debut solo stereo LP album, and marked yet another comeback in his illustrious career.
Bill Ali段loa Lincon played ukulele and sang lead,
Annie Hu played guitar and sang support,
Lena誕la Cypriano played the bass and sang support,
& Eddie Pang played the electric steel guitar.
So we値l dive into our records archives to hear this classic recording.
Today, 50 plus years later, we値l share this music.

This week's playlist:

1- Ku置 Wa Li段 Li段 Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
2- Honolulu Hale - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
3- Pua Be Still - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
4- Pua Iliahi - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
5- Nani Lawai - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
6- Mauna Lahilahi - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
7- Ku置 Ipo Ike He弾 Pua One - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
8- Song To Hawaii - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
9- The Magic Islands - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
10- Poli Anuanu - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln
11- My Sweet Sweetie - Bill Ali段loa Lincoln

Length: 54:19
Released on: 10-27-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Bill Ali'iloa Lincoln

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