Songs of Heavenly Hana

Paul Fagan built the Hotel Hana-Maui to attract visitors to Hana after World War II.
Soon, the new hotel and it’s nearby airfield were largest employer in Hana, as the sugar industry had left the area.
Clara K. Tolentino was born on November 28, 1921.
Upon the departure of John Pi’ilani Watkins, Clara became the director of the Hotel Hana-Maui Serenaders, and became the hula choreographer, plus she led the Hana School Chorus, the Kipahulu School Chorus, and the Wananalua Church Choir.
Today, 55 years later, we’ll share this classic music.

This week's playlist:

1- Kuakea – Clara Tolentino & Hana-Maui Serenaders
2- Hula Lolo – Hotel Hana-Maui Serenaders
3- Hana Chant – Clara Tolentino
4- U’ilani – Clara Tolentino
5- No Noe Ua Kea O Hana – Clara Tolentino
6- Honaunau Paka – Clara Tolentino
7- Green Lantern Hula – Hotel Hana-Maui Serenaders
8- Pupu A’o Ewa – Randy Lee
9- Mauna Loa – Ellen Pu
10- There Goes Kealoha – Ellen Pu
11- Uheuhene – Hana School Chorus
12- Aloha Oe – Amy Moiheha & combined Choruses

Length: 52:54
Released on: 02-10-2017
Artist/Compiled by: Various Artists

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