Johnny Noble's Brunswick Legacy

John Avery Noble, the “Hawaiian Jazz King” of the 1920s at the Moana Hotel, was an enterprising young man.
As a child, he sold newspapers on Honolulu street corners, and became known as the “Whistling Newsboy”.
He then learned to play the drums, piano, and xylophone.
Eventually he took over as orchestra leader at the Moana Hotel, and wrote many hapa haole songs.
But his most impressive legacy may be the 1927 Brunswick recordings that he scouted and supervised in Honolulu, featuring the most gifted entertainers of the day.
Come with us now as we visit where ONLY Territorial Airwaves can take you – 1920s Honolulu, T.H.
Today, we’ll listen to these rare out-of-print recordings from the Territorial Airwaves archives.

This week's playlist:

1- Kanakanui Hotel – Sam Alama
2- Hawaii – Rennie Brooks
3- My Luau Girl – Raymond Kinney
4- Ka Lei E – Emma Bush
5- Haole Hula – Royal Hawaiian Girls Glee Club
6- Alekoki – Moana Hotel Orchestra
7- Palolo – Moana Hotel Orchestra
8- Kuhio Bay – Johanna Wilcox Glee Club
9- Hola E Pae –Joseph Kamakau Glee Club
10- Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua – Moana Hotel Orchestra
11- He Manao He Aloha – Joseph Kamakau Glee Club

Length: 54:26
Released on: 12-12-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Various 1927 Artists

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