Nina Kealiiwahamana

Katherine “Nina” Keali’iwahamana Rodrigues Rapozo was born into a Hawaiian music dynasty.
She was named after her great, great grandmother.
Nina’s mother, Vickie I’i Rodrigues was the family’s musical matriarch.
Along with her brother Boyce, and her sisters Lani & Lahela, Nina was trained in Hawaii’s music.
As a 16 year old senior at Marynoll School, Nina won the All-Catholic High School Talent Contest in 1953.
She eventually became a regular on the “Hawaii Calls” radio show.
Nina began recording with Jack de Mello in 1961, appearing in Europe and Asia.
Nina Keali’iwahamana’s angelic voice has earned her the distinction as the renowned mezzo soprano of Hawaiian classical music.
We’ll share some of our favorite selections from the musical legacy of Nina Keali’iwahamana.

This week's playlist:

1- Kalama’ula – Nina Keali’iwahamana
2- Hilo One - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Na Mele Ohana
3- Po La’i La’i - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Pauline Kekahuna
4- Dark Moon - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Lani & Lahela
5- Matsonia - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Lani & Lahela
6- Pua Maeole - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Benny Kalama
7- O Ko’u Aloha Ia ‘Oe - Nina Keali’iwahamana
8- Silhouette Hula - Nina Keali’iwahamana
9- Keaukaha – Nina Keali’iwahamana
10- Nani Wale Lihue - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Jack de Mello
11- He Inoa No Ka’iulani - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Lani & Lahela
12- Moloka’i Waltz - Nina Keali’iwahamana w/ Jack de Mello

Length: 53:23
Released on: 05-09-2014
Artist/Compiled by: Katherine Keali'iwahamana Rodrigues

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