Kihei Brown

Thomas Kihei Desha Brown was born in Hilo, Hawaii on January 30, 1925, and we lost him on September 11, 1978.
Kihei Brown was only 53.
We’ll follow the singer, musician, band leader, and recording artist through several phases of his career.
You’ll hear music by the Hilo Kalimas, the Kihei Brown Trio, and Kihei Brown Trio, Family, & Friends.
Today, we’ll celebrate the recorded legacy of Kihei Brown.

This week's playlist:

1- Na Kane ‘Oiwi Hawaii – Kihei Brown Trio
2- Hawaii No E Ka ‘Oi – Hilo Kalimas
3- Aloha Kaho’olawe – Kihei Brown Trio
4- Ka’ehukai – Kihei Brown Trio
5- Na Hoa He’e Nalu – Kihei Brown Trio
6- Me Ka Miki Poi – Kihei Brown Trio
7- Keaukaha Smiles – Kihei Brown Trio
8- Manini Beach Medley – Kihei Brown Family & Friends
9- Hilo Medley – Kihei Brown Trio, Family, & Friends
10- Kauhale O Kamapua’a – Kihei Brown Family & Friends
11- Kaula’ili – Kihei Brown Trio, Family, & Friends

Length: 53:39
Released on: 10-25-2013
Artist/Compiled by: Kihei Brown Trio

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