Hawaiian Recordings History - Columbia

Columbia Records is the oldest continuously used brand name in recorded sound, dating back to 1888.
Columbia was originally a local company run by Edward Easton, distributing and selling Edison phonographs, cylinders, and later discs, in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas.
“Columbia” was named for the “District of Columbia”, which was its original headquarters.
Columbia eventually recorded an extensive catalog of Hawaiian music during the 1920s.
Today, we’ll share some of those rarest recordings made in 1925 through 1930 with, “Hawaiian Recordings History - Columbia”.

This week's playlist:

1- He Ono – Bina Mossman’s Glee Club
2- Leilehua – Prince of Hawaii Chorus
3- On The Beach At Waikiki – Waikiki Stonewall Boys
4- Mauna Kea – King Benny Nawahi
5- Pa’ahana Hula – Madame Riviere’s Hawaiians
6- Kamakani Ka’ili Aloha – Sam Kapu, Sr.
7- Aloha Oe Blues – Moana Orchestra
8- Kaleponi – Sol K. Bright w/ Sol Ho’opi’i Quartette
9- Kawika – Sol Ho’opi’i Trio
10- Halii E Ka Moena – Kaimana Trio
11- Ku’u Home – Rose Tribe

Length: 53:05
Released on: 11-09-2012
Artist/Compiled by: Columbia Records

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