Territorial Airwaves - "The Hawaiian Aliis" -(06/01/2012)

In 1961, five young guys in Hawaii, right out of high school, were recruited by the US Air Force. Sgt. Edward Keifer, the A&R and PR man for the Air Force Band at Hickam Air Force Base had a dream. Rudy Aquino, Benny Chong, Joe Mundo, Manny Lagodlagod, and Al Akana were offered the opportunity to enlist, and form a band to promote Hawaii, the new 50th State. After 2 years of touring America honing their chops as the Hawaiian Aliis, the 5 returned to Hawaii, only to be recruited by Don Ho to be his new back up band, The Aliis. They would go on to make Hawaii musical history.

Join us now for “The Hawaiian Aliis”, as we follow Rudy, Benny, Joe, Manny, & Al from the Air Force to Duke Kahanamoku’s club in Waikiki!

This week's playlist:

1- Makahilahila – The Aliis with Don Ho
2- Lover – The Aliis
3- Night Time – The Aliis with Don Ho
4- On The Beach At Waikiki – The Aliis
5- Maile Lei – The Aliis
6- Taboo – The Aliis
7- Do Re Mi – The Aliis
8- Akaka Falls – The Aliis
9- Yellow Bird – The Aliis
10- Hawaiian War Chant – The Aliis
11- A Hundred Million Miracles – The Aliis
12- Quiet Village – The Aliis

Length: 52:28
Released on: 06-01-2012
Artist/Compiled by: The Hawaiian Aliis

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