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George Kainapau

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George Kainapau is remembered as one of Hawaii's greatest ever falsetto singers. His strong, clear, and controlled voice, void of any breathiness, could glide smoothly from the falsetto register to high tenor without any break, and utilize the Hawaiian ha'i ornament just as easily. Now for the first time since 1957, and beautifully restored, are George Kainapau and his Island Serenaders: Sonny Kamahele, Kaipo Miller, and Jules Ah See. Recorded live at the Ale Ale Kai Room in the Kaiser Hawaiian Village on Waikiki.

Price: $ 12.98

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1  George Kainapau (Listen To A Sampler Of Selections From This CD)
2  Island Serenaders / Fair Hawaii
3  Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi
4  Mapuana
5  Ke Ka'upu
6  Alekoki
7  Medley: In An Old Hawaiian Village/ Blue Lei/ To Make You Love Me, Ku'uipo
8  Lehuanani
9  Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
10  Wai O Minnehaha
11  Beyond The Reef
12  Little Grass Shack
13  Mai Poina 'Oe I'au
14  Nani Waimea
15  Ka'anoi
16  Naka Pueo
17  Aloha Oe
18  Whispering Lullaby
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