Aloha Hula Hawaiian Style

Item code: HOCD 26000

Aloha Hula Hawaiian Style. Winner of the 1996 Anthology of the Year Na Hoku Hanohano Award from the Hawaiian Academy of Recording Arts. This CD brings you 18 of the 28 original tracks from the tiny & short lived "Aloha Records" label. These recordings capture the essence of the Hawaii Calls Radio Show cast of the late 1940s, with a fine catalog of Hawaiian musical performances. Al Kealoha Perry & Henry K Lindsey created the label in 1947. Al Kealoha Perry served as musical director of the Hawaii Calls radio show for 30 years - 1937 to 1967. All of the Aloha label artists were also Hawaii Calls musicians & entertainers, including Haleloke, Gabby Pahinui, & Alfred Apaka.

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1  Aloha Hula Hawaiian Style (Listen To A Sampler Of Selections From This CD)
2  Singing Surfriders - Al Kealoha Perry & the Singing Surfriders
3  Na Ka Pueo - Lila w/ Waikiki Girls
4  Twilight In Hawaii - Alfred Apaka
5  Alekoki - Haleloke
6  O'ahu - Al Kealoha Perry & the Singing Surfriders + Entire "Aloha" Cast
7  Two Shadows On The Sand - Alfred Apaka
8  Hawaiian Moon - The Waikiki Girls
9  Hawaiian Cowboy - Andy Bright
10  Kolopa - Haleloke
11  Hi'ilawe - Gabby Pahinui
12  Na Lei O Hawaii - Al Kealoha Perry & the Singing Surfriders
13  Lovely Hula Hands - Alfred Apaka
14  Haleakala Hula - Lila
15  Hawaiian Scotchman - "Squeeze" Kamana & Simeon Bright
16  Pua O Ka Makahala - Haleloke
17  Little Brown Gal - Al Kealoha Perry & the Singing Surfriders
18  Right On - The Waikiki Girls
19  Aloha Oe - Alfred Apaka
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