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Lovely Hula Hands

Item code: HOCD 42000

R. Alex Anderson, the "Godfather of Hapa Haole Music" vividly captured the beautiful essence of the hula with his lyrics to the first verse of the title song: "Lovely hula hands...Graceful as the birds in motion...Gliding like the gulls over the ocean...Lovely hula hands, kou lima nani e". These are 18 of the most popular hulas danced by Hawaiian youngsters of all ages. Generations have learned to sing the lyrics and dance the hula to these classic recordings from Hawaii's golden age of music. It will transport you back in time to the territorial days of Hawaii. This wonderful presentation is a must for collections of both the young & aspiring hula dancer and the avid hula fan.

Price: $ 12.98

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1  Lovely Hula Hands (Listen To A Sampler Of Selections From This CD)
2  Rhythm Of The Islands - Agnes Malabey w/ Genoa Keawe & Naughty Abbie
3  Lovely Hula Hands - Lei Momi Sweethearts
4  Keep Your Eyes On The Hands - Puanani Alama
5  Hawaiian Hula Eyes - Joe Keawe & his Harmony Hawaiians
6  My Yellow Ginger Lei - Joe Keawe & Lei Momi Sweethearts
7  Sweet Someone - Emma Kamaka w/ Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians
8  E Ku'u Tutu - Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians
9  Mele Of My Tutu E - Naughty Abbie
10  When Hilo Hattie Does The Hilo Hop - Hilo Hattie
11  Princess Pupule - Naughty Abbie
12  Little Brown Gal - Lei Momi Sweethearts
13  Manuela Boy - Jacob K. Maka
14  Coconut Willie - Naughty Abbie
15  No Huhu - Naughty Abbie
16  My Little Grass Shack - Joe Keawe & his Harmony Hawaiians
17  Hukilau - The Bee Sisters
18  A Dolly's Lullaby - Genoa Keawe & her Hawaiians
19  It's Time To Say Aloha - Genoa Keawe w/ her Hula Maids
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